Batteryguard: pioneer in battery storage with in-house innovation

Batteryguard is a brand of Nauta Security Storage B.V., one of Europe’s most extensive suppliers of fire and burglar resistant safes.

Our most recent innovation is the Batteryguard safe. You can charge your e-bike or power tool batteries in it safely and you don’t have to worry about any of them catching fire, because the Batteryguard contains any fire inside itself.

What makes us special? We design and build our battery safes ourselves! We do that on our premises in Barneveld. Drop by sometime and we will tell you all about the Batteryguard safe.

Family business with more than 60 years of experience

Nauta Group is a genuine family business which once started very modestly. Our founder started 60 years ago as a self-employed entrepreneur, with nothing more than a car boot full of things to sell.

With hard work, dedication and a love of the trade, our company grew within the Nauta Group to become one of Europe’s most extensive distributers of fire and burglar resistant safes.

Wherever it is, home, school or work, our ambition is to make it more secure.

Guaranteed battery safety: why Batteryguard is more than just a cabinet

We specialise in the design and production of safes in which you can safely charge your batteries.

Batteryguard safes are designed to prevent battery fires and minimalize the consequences if they do occur. They have been developed to contain a battery fire, smoke and toxic gasses and an explosion,

In contrast with ordinary cabinets, where doors are often blown open by the force of an explosion, the doors of the Batteryguard stay securely locked in place. This is because the Batteryguard is not a cabinet, but in fact a safe!

Working together for a safer future

Nauta Security managing director, Hans Bonsel:

“We strongly believe in collaboration and sharing expertise, which is why we work closely with other important players in the safe industry, insurance companies and battery suppliers and we are also a member of the lithium-ion working group.

Together we are endeavouring to draw up clear guidelines for the safe storage of bicycle batteries. By combining forces, we want to make a positive contribution to reducing the risk of battery fires.”

Increasing incidences of battery fires and provisional guidelines: How do you choose the right battery cabinet?

While the number of battery fires is steadily increasing, there are still only provisional guidelines for how lithium-ion batteries should be safety charged. So, how are you supposed to know as a business person what sort of battery cabinet you need?

Nauta Security takes the initiative: lithium-ion battery safety

We didn’t want to wait any longer and took the initiative. We helped set up the European lithium-ion working group, which is now drawing up new, clear guidelines. These guidelines will soon describe how manufacturers can develop a good and safe lithium-ion cabinet.

A step forwards in battery safety: the tested and approved Batteryguard safe

It is essential that the lithium-ion working group actually tests whether cabinets built to these new guidelines do what they are supposed to. In other words, whether a battery cabinet does contain a battery fire, explosion and smoke inside itself.

The Batteryguard safe is the first safe to be built in accordance with these new rules and to have passed the test with flying colours.

Make contact with us today and discover how we can help you charge up your batteries safely with confidence.

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