Prevent battery fires with Batteryguard battery cabinets

More and more insurers want companies to reduce the risk of a battery fire. If a lithium-ion battery from an e-bike or power tool does begin to burn, a fierce fire can develop that is almost impossible to put out. The battery can even explode.

Nationale-Nederlanden takes action

Bart van de Broek from Nationale-Nederlanden explains what you can do yourself to prevent battery fires. The most important measure is to charge the batteries in a special lithium safe.

Batteryguard is such a lithium safe that contains a battery fire inside the safe and prevents the fire from spreading to your business premises.

Batteryguard cabinets: tested and approved

The Batteryguard cabinet has been thoroughly tested and has proven that it can withstand a battery fire and the force of any subsequent explosion, preventing the fire from spreading to your premises and putting your employees in danger.

Independent research has demonstrated that Batteryguard can resist a battery fire and the force of any subsequent explosion.

Are you interested in the solutions we can offer your organisation?

Battery cabinet for every situation

Whether you have a great many batteries or just a few, large of small, the Batteryguard cabinet offers a solution for every situation.

We have a compact model L in which you can charge 10 batteries and a spacious double-door XL safe in which you can house 20 batteries.

Batteryguard is based on a fire-resistant design, so that our safe satisfies the strictest standards and guidelines.

Features of the Batteryguard cabinet L

  • 8 or 10 charging points

  • Fire-resistant safe construction

  • Satisfies EN 14470-1 type 90 (PGS 37)

  • Flue for smoke extraction

  • Warning system and smoke alarm

Features of the Batteryguard cabinet XL

  • 16 or 20 charging points

  • Fire-resistant safe construction

  • Satisfies EN 14470-1 type 90 (PGS 37)

  • Flue for smoke extraction

  • Warning system and smoke alarm

  • Controlled charging system

  • First tested battery safe ever

Extra options for extra safety

  • Automatic fire-suppression system with cooling foam

  • 400 volt high-voltage connection

  • Self-closing doors

  • Electronic coded lock

Battery storage solution for:

Green spaces

Battery-powered tools for gardeners and municipalities

Bicycle shops

E-bikes in for maintenance or repair

Home delivery

Electric delivery bicycles for home delivery chains

Holiday parks

E-bikes and choppers in holiday parks, on camping sites and at hotels

What does the Batteryguard do if a battery catches fire?

There are batteries charging in your safe and the doors are closed. Suddenly an alarm goes off and the red light on the cabinet starts flashing: smoke and heat have been detected and the cabinet is warning you that a battery is overheating.

Because the smoke detector has gone off, the power has already been cut off automatically so that the battery charging stops. You have plenty of time to warn the fire brigade and your personnel that a battery is on fire in the cabinet. If the flue from the battery cabinet is connected to your ventilation system, the smoke and poisonous gasses are vented outside.

The Batteryguard cabinet is also safe and easy to use for new personnel.

Convenience and safety with Batteryguard cabinets

It’s simple: when you need to charge up your battery, you just open the cabinet and place the battery on the charger. Because the charger cables are fixed in the cabinet, you can be sure that you are always using an original charger for the battery.

It is important that you always close the cabinet doors, because if a battery catches fire, that fire is kept inside. If you do leave the doors open, a loud alarm goes off to warn you that you have to close the doors.

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