Lithium-ion battery fires

The risk of lithium-ion batteries

We’re all making more use of battery-powered tools and means or transport, like electric bicycles and e-choppers, which work on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are much more powerful than normal batteries and last a lot longer. This is a positive development, but there is also a downside: the use of these batteries is accompanied by significant risks.

When is a lithium-ion battery dangerous?

If you drop a battery, it can be damaged internally, so that it can catch fire or even explode when it is being charged up.

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What is a battery fire?

A battery fire is an intense, uncontrollable fire inside the lithium-ion battery. These fires are so intense that they are almost impossible to extinguish. The battery becomes extremely hot because of a chemical chain reaction inside it. The fire spreads like lightning and is extremely dangerous. The smokes and gasses that this releases are very toxic and, ultimately, the battery can even explode. The risk is greatest when the battery is being charged.

Are lithium-ion batteries dangerous?

No, not if you treat them carefully. However, a cell within the battery can get damaged, if, for example, you drop it. Jos Kools is an expert in lithium-ion safes and explains it in the video here.

How does a battery fire start?

A battery fire doesn’t just start by itself. The battery has often been dropped damaging one of the cells inside it. This can cause a short circuit so that the battery overheats when it is being charged. The problem is that you often can’t see from the outside that there’s anything wrong with the battery.

The causes of battery fires

  • dropping the battery
  • charging the battery in the sun
  • using a charger that isn’t meant for the battery

Battery fires are therefore dangerous. That is why European regulations are in the pipeline for the storage of lithium-ion batteries.

How do you prevent a battery fire?

Always store you batteries in a battery cabinet! If a battery overheats while it is being charged, a battery cabinet keeps any fire and explosion inside it, preventing the fire from spreading to your premises. And it keeps your employees safe.

The Batteryguard safe

The Batteryguard safe means that you can be sure that any fire doesn’t escape from it. Our safe is the only one on the market that has been tested, offering you proven safety and certainty.

Battery fire result

  • If there is a battery fire and explosion, cabinet doors stay shut
  • Poisonous smoke and gasses ventilated outside
  • No damage to your premises
  • No danger to your personnel
  • Plenty of time to call the fire brigade

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