Storing battery-powered tools safely

Municipalities and businesses looking after green spaces are increasingly using electric tools to maintain lawns, gardens and parks to the standards demanded by citizens and clients. These tools include:

  • Leaf blowers

  • Brushcutters

  • Hedge cutters

  • Chainsaws

This is a positive development, but the use of lithium-ion batteries is not without significant risk.

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Source: SRC TV

Increasing numbers of battery fires

On average, one fire a day in the Netherlands is caused by a lithium-ion battery. This phenomenon is being written more often about in the media.

Take for example the green spaces company in Geldermalsen where an electric mowing machine caught fire while it was being charged up. Luckily, nothing too serious happened, because the fire alarm went off. The mower was on a trailer and could be towed outside on time.

Are lithium-ion batteries dangerous?

Lithium-ion batteries are not dangerous in themselves, but it is important that you treat them carefully, because dropping a battery-powered tool can damage a battery cell. If you then connect the battery to a charger, the battery can become extremely hot and catch fire. These battery fires are particularly fierce and very difficult to extinguish. In the worst case, the battery can even explode and release toxic substances.

The problem is, is that you can’t tell from the outside that a battery has been damaged and you don’t always know if someone has dropped a tool.

Batteryguard cabinet

Charge battery-powered tools safely in the Batteryguard cabinet

It is important to always charge your batteries in a safe place to keep any risk of a fire in your workplace or shed to an absolute minimum.

The Batteryguard cabinet has been specially developed to be able to withstand a battery fire or explosion. This means that the doors stay shut and the fire can’ t spread to your premises. It also means that you have more than enough time to call the fire brigade and you can safely let the fire burn itself out in the safe.

The benefits:
  • Contains any battery fire inside itself

  • There is no damage to your premises

  • Plenty of time to call the fire brigade.

  • Your personnel aren’t put at risk

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Guidelines and insurers

Guidelines for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries have been under development for years, but they are not yet ready. Insurers are therefore increasingly including their own guidelines in their policies on safe battery storage. They urge policyholders to always charge and store batteries in a fireproof battery safe

Therefore, consult with your insurer. Together, assess the risks in your situation and make a plan. Read more in our article on Regulation.

Want to know more about the guidelines? Our team of lithium-ion specialists will be happy to talk to you!

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