Published on 25 September 2023

Lithium battery fire | Nationale-Nederlanden speaking out

Lithium batterij brand

Lithium battery fires have a big impact. Nationale-Nederlanden tells more about this topic in this blog.

Bicycles, scooters, e-steps and tools increasingly contain lithium-ion batteries. With this increase, a new danger is also around the corner: the risk of fires caused by lithium batteries.

High-impact lithium battery fire

Such fires are not very frequent, but their consequences are severe. Because when a battery catches fire, the fire spreads very quickly. This also releases a lot of smoke, smoke that is highly toxic and can cause an explosion. Bart van de Broek of Nationale-Nederlanden explains.

“With a bicycle that catches fire on the street, the damage is often limited to the bike burning down. But if the bike is inside or in a large bicycle basement, with a very large building on top, it may well turn into a multi-million dollar fire.”

Huge havoc caused by lithium ion battery fire

Things went badly wrong in Spijkernisse the other day: a lithium battery of an e-bike hanging on the charger overnight caused a devastating fire. The battery exploded, windows were blown out of their rebates and two flats were completely destroyed. The impact was huge, not only because of the material damage, but also because local residents had to be evacuated, Rijnmond reported in their article “Once again battery electric bike causes devastating fire“.

Nationale-Nederlanden takes action

Insurer Nationale-Nederlanden itself has now included guidelines in its policy conditions for safe battery storage. For example, they urge policyholders to charge and store batteries in a suitable fireproof battery safe. But through claims, they found out that there are storage and charging devices in the market that turned out to be inadequate.

“”We have found that particularly that explosion, that bang with which that battery can pop apart, but also those enormously flammable gases that can lead to another explosion, can cause such a storage system to simply pop apart. Or that the door opens. Then the shop is still on fire, to put it very flatly, and we want to prevent that at all times.”

Batteryguard cabinet prevents lithium battery fire

The Batteryguard battery safe is specially designed to limit a battery fire and the subsequent explosion. The safe complies with the new European guidelines according to VDMA 24994:2023-08 and has been tested and approved: the doors remained closed despite the intense battery fire and explosions inside the safe! With this, Batteryguard is the first tested battery safe.

Do you want to know more about the Batteryguard battery safe? Then contact our specialists.

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