Team behind Batteryguard

Hans Bonsel

Managing director Nauta Security

We are specialists in safes and safes and have developed the Batteryguard battery safe. As a board member of a trade association safes, I set up a lithium-ion working group this year. With the aim of arriving at a European guideline for the development of a safe lithium-ion safe.

Jos Kools

Accountmanager Nauta Security

I’m Jos Kools, your expert at Batteryguard. Do you have any questions or need advice? Then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to my years of experience and close ties with insurers, I can tell you exactly what is needed and required for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries.

Kevin Buitenhuis

Accountmanager Nauta Security

I will help you with all your questions and give you advice perfect for safely charging your lithium-ion batteries in our specially designed battery safes. Do you have a question about Batteryguard battery safes, or would you like to know more about the automatic extinguishing system? Then contact me and I will help you further.

Lithium-ion battery storage cabinets

Are you also looking for a solution to safely store and charge lithium-ion batteries for your e-bikes or tools? Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.