Storing delivery bike and scooter batteries safely

Home delivery companies are using the electric bicycle more often to deliver meals, shopping and other orders. For you as a business person, it’s important that there is always a fully charged battery ready for all your e-bikes. But where should you charge them up?

Lithium-ion batteries can burst into flames while they are connected to the charger. A battery fire is extremely intense, almost unstoppable and causes enormous damage. That’s why you should always charge your bicycle batteries in a lithium-ion cabinet.

Do you have a business in food delivery and are you looking for a way to charge up your bicycle batteries safely?

Consequences of a battery fire

Did you know that on average, a fire a day in the Netherlands is caused by a lithium-ion battery? These battery fires are fierce and almost impossible to put out. Smoke and poisonous gasses are also produced and these in turn can cause an explosion.

Insurers are taking the situation more seriously and are starting to include conditions on the safe charging of bicycle batteries in their policies. They are insisting that their policyholders charge and store batteries in fire-resistant safes. Do you want to know more about what this means for you?

Is there a risk with my delivery bicycles?

Precisely because you often have different personnel, the risk of a battery fire is all the greater, because you don’t know exactly how your employees treat your delivery bicycles and scooters.

The battery is the most delicate part. If the bicycle or scooter falls over, the battery can be damaged internally and however minor you might think that damage is, it can be enough to cause your battery to catch fire or explode while charging. If you just connect your bicycle batteries to a charger in your shop without taking precautions, you’re taking a huge risk.

You can see in the video here how a branch of Domino’s Pizzas was completely destroyed by an electric scooter that caught fire.

Source: Omroep Houten

How the Batteryguard cabinet works

The Batteryguard is the central point in which you charge the batteries for your delivery bikes and scooters. Once his or her deliveries have been done for the evening, an employee connects the battery to the charger in the cabinet and they take a fully charged one out.

Unique features of the Batteryguard cabinet

  • Contains any battery fire inside itself
  • There is no damage to your premises
  • Your personnel aren’t put at risk
  • Your batteries are stored in one central place

Keep the doors shut

With Batteryguard, there’s no need to worry that there might be a battery fire that spreads outside the safe. That can only happen if the doors are left open. It’s only by keeping the doors closed that you keep any fire inside.

This is why all Batteryguard cabinets have a warning system. If the doors are left open, an alarm goes off that keeps sounding until you close them. The alarm is so irritating that you will close them straightaway.

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