Safe storage of bicycle batteries

You hear more often about bicycle batteries that spontaneously burst into flames and cause enormous damage.

Zo’n A battery fire can have an enormous impact. It is extremely intense and the battery can even explode. When you connect an e-bike battery to a charger, you are actually taking a huge risk.

Are you interested in the ins and outs of storing bicycle batteries safely?

Storing bicycle batteries in the workplace

As a bicycle dealer, you often have e-bikes in your workshop for maintenance and repair. You also get customers who come in to bring back a defective or half-charged battery.

The thing is, is that you often don’t know how those batteries have been treated. You can’t see from the outside if a battery has been damaged at all. This is why Bike Totaal Thijs Hendriks uses the Batteryguard cabinet.

How the Batteryguard cabinet works

The Batteryguard is the safe in which you charge and store all your bicycle batteries. The safe is designed so that if a battery does catch fire, the fire is contained inside it and doesn’t spread to the workplace.

Our safe has a solid fire-resistant construction and a robust lock on the door as you would expect. This is no case of over-engineering, because it has to be able to withstand the enormous pressure of a battery fire.

Benefits of the Batteryguard cabinet

  • Contains any battery fire inside itself

  • Stops any fire from bursting out in the workplace

  • Your personnel aren’t put at risk

  • Stores batteries in one central place

Reliable and safe way of storing bicycle batteries

The Batteryguard charging cabinet is a reliable and safe way to charge your bicycle batteries.

We know this for certain because our safe has been tested. If a battery catches fire and explodes in the safe, the doors stay shut and the fires doesn’t spread to the rest of your premises. See the test in the video here.

If you would you like to come and see a Batteryguard safe in our showroom, book an appointment for personal advice about your situation.

Insurers and safe battery storage guidelines

There is urgent need in the bicycle industry for clear guidelines on the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. New standards have been in the pipeline for a long time now, but they still haven’t been completed.

This is why insurers are increasingly taking it upon themselves to include their own rules in their policies. One of these conditions is that bicycle batteries need to be kept in special fire-resistant cabinets.

If you would like to find out more about the regulations that are being developed and the certifications that already apply to lithium-ion cabinets, then read our articles about Regulations and Certifications.

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