Battery storage for holiday parks, hotels and camping sites

Electric bikes and choppers are being rented out more often by holiday parks, hotels and camping sites. They are ideal for guests who want to cycle around in the area for longer.  As a business in the recreation industry, you naturally want to meet that demand.

However, do you know that a bicycle battery can spontaneously burst into flames? And that a battery fire is fierce and almost impossible to put out? That’s why you should always charge your bicycle batteries in a lithium-ion cabinet.

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Is there a real risk of a battery fire in a holiday park?

It would be terrible if one of your holiday chalets or hotel rooms were to catch fire because of a bicycle battery. It is, however, a real risk.

The battery is a vulnerable part of all electric bicycles. Even minor damage inside the battery can lead to a fierce fire. The battery first becomes extremely hot. This happens very quickly and the resulting fire is almost impossible to stop. Flammable gasses are released, which can even lead to an explosion.

What makes it difficult, is that you don’t know how guests treat your e-bikes. They don’t even have to be careless, a breeze can blow a bicycle over and that is enough to damage the battery internally, which you can’t see from the outside.

Prevent guests from charging their bicycle battery up in the hotel room

The solution is simple: stop guests from taking their bicycle batteries and charging them up in their chalet of hotel room.

In other words, don’t give batteries to guests and apply a lending procedure. Guests then exchange batteries at reception or the bicycle hire desk.

Another advantage is that you can store and charge the batteries in one convenient place. Roompot is the first holiday park to use the Batteryguard cabinet for bicycle hire.

How does the Batteryguard charging cabinet work?

You install the Batteryguard where you rent out the bicycles. You put all the batteries that are flat (empty) on the chargers in the cabinet. You close the doors and the batteries start being charged up automatically.

If one of the batteries inside is damaged and starts overheating or even bursts into flames and explodes, then the Batteryguard contains the potential damage inside itself. The Batteryguard can withstand the power of any such blast.

Keep the doors shut!

The Batteryguard contains any battery fire inside itself. It is important, however, to keep the doors shut. It’s only then that you can stop a fire spreading.

All our battery cabinets have an alarm system. If the doors are left open, an alarm goes off that keeps sounding until you close them. The alarm is so irritating that you will be forced close them straightaway. That’s very effective!

Insurers are setting more conditions

Guidelines are being developed for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries, but that has been the case for some time now and they still haven’t been published.

In the meantime, insurers have taken it upon themselves to include their own rules in their policies. They emphasize the need, for example, for their clients to store and charge lithium-ion batteries in a fire-resistant battery safe.

This is why it’s important to talk to your insurer. You can then assess the risks of your specific situation and draw up a plan together. Would you like to know more about the regulations on this subject?

Batteryguard safe

  • Contains any battery fire inside itself
  • Stops any fire from bursting out.
  • Protects personnel and guests
  • Stores batteries in one central place

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