How Domino’s use the battery safe to charge more safely in the home delivery sector

Sustainable social responsibility is high on the agenda at Domino’s Pizza. Its pizza delivery couriers only use electric vehicles, a contribution to a greener future.

Previously, charging the lithium-ion batteries for these delivery bikes and scooters was not well organised. Batteries were randomly charged wherever there was a wall plug free… Until one day, when a battery spontaneously caught fire in the branch in Houten, with enormous consequences.

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Source: Omroep Houten

Impact of the battery fire at Domino's Houten: Devastation, temporary closure and insurance claims

The branch in Houten was completely destroyed and was closed for almost a year. Not only did the battery fire have an impact on the Domino’s branch, but the residents of the apartments above it had to live somewhere else temporarily. The insurance company was also left with significant costs.

Safety first at Domino's Pizza: co-operation with insurers and Batteryguard for safe battery storage

Domino’s then joined forces with insurers and ourselves as a manufacturer of safes to find a sustainable solution for the safe storage and charging of batteries. Together with Domino’s Nederland and a number of franchise holders, we started a pilot project for the pizza parlours confronted by the biggest challenges.

An important objective was to store all the batteries, which had previously been lying about all over the place, in one central fire-resistant cabinet.

''If anything should happen to a battery, then I have every faith in that cabinet.''

Nico Kruijt

Owner Domino's Pizza Houten

Hidden danger: recognising a damaged lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries are only dangerous if they have been damaged, in which case, they can not only burst into flames, but even explode.

What is difficult is that you can’t tell from the outside if there is something wrong with a battery and whether it is a fire risk. It is therefore important to treat a battery carefully.

It was precisely this that was a challenge for Domino’s Pizza, because they work a lot with many different, new employees. How do you know if a bicycle has fallen over or a battery has been dropped?

Safe storage of batteries with the Batteryguard: satisfying insurer requirements

Because there aren’t any specific rules about the safe storage of batteries, we have had to apply our expertise as a manufacturer of certified burglar and fire-resistant safes. We have developed the Batteryguard as a fire-secure lithium-ion battery cabinet that satisfies the demands of insurance companies.

If you would like to come and see a Batteryguard safe in our showroom, make an appointment with us for personal advice.

Domino's chooses the Batteryguard safe

With the Batteryguard safe, we offer a practical and safe means of storing and charging batteries. The safe for Domino’s is equipped with 16 sockets in which original chargers for the batteries fit. While the shop is open for deliveries, the employee simply puts their battery in the safe to charge it up or takes one out that is fully charged.

Guaranteed fire safety: Domino's choice for a battery safe with built-in fire-suppression system

Domino’s chose to have a battery safe that was fitted with the integrated fire-suppression system. If a battery in the safe does overheat and catch fire, the fire-suppression system activates immediately and starts to cool it down. This process stops the chemical chain reaction in the battery, preventing it from exploding. This is a preventative measure that increases safety.

Why the doors of the battery safe always have to be closed

It is important, of course, that the doors of the safe are always closed after a battery has been placed inside it or removed. This ensures that any potential fire or explosion is contained within the safe and does not spread to the premises.

If you do leave the doors open, an alarm goes off after two minutes and only stops once the doors have been closed. A simple and effective way of guaranteeing safety!

Benefits of the Batteryguard safe

  • Automatic fire-suppression system stops any batteries catching fire
  • Contains any fire within the safe
  • Limits the risk of the cabinet being blown apart if there is an explosion
  • Prevents smoke and other damage to the rest of the premises

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