Safe storage for e-bike and e-chopper batteries at Roompot holiday parks

Roompot is the largest chain of holiday parks in the Netherlands, with more than 100 locations all over the country. Guests are now renting e-bikes and e-choppers more often.

Until recently, the batteries were charged in the bicycle shed next to the reception, but when Roompot heard about a serious battery fire in a chalet in a competitor’s park, they were shocked. It prompted them to find a reliable solution and that was the Batteryguard cabinet.

Is your company active in the recreation sector and do you want to know more about how you can charge bicycle batteries safely?

Change to battery loan procedure at sports desk

Before, when you rented an e-bike, the charger came with it in the pannier bag, because it was handy to have the charger with the bicycle.  The only problem was that guests could take the e-bike and everything back to their holiday accommodation and charge the battery there, with all the risks that that entails.

In order to avoid that, Roompot changed the lending procedure so that guests have to exchange their flat batteries at the sports desk.

The risks of lithium-ion batteries

If a guest lets their bicycle or chopper fall over by accident, the battery can be damaged and then catch fire when it is being charged up. A battery fire is incredibly intense and spreads rapidly. The battery can even explode.

Often, you can’t see from the chopper or the battery that there’s anything wrong – and the guest is entirely unaware of the risks.

A battery fire is consequently dangerous, yet there are still no regulations about the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. Our experts will be happy to explain the situation to you.

“You don’t want a fire to break out, for safety’s sake. Guests have to be able to have a carefree stay and simply feel safe.”

Tim Vermeulen, bicycle rental employee

Safe charging with the Batteryguard safe

The Batteryguard safe was the perfect solution for the challenge of charging Roompot’s bicycle and chopper batteries. The safe has been tested and proven to be reliable. Guest safety is very important to Roompot.

Battery safe with automatic fire-suppression system

The Batteryguard is a certified battery safe with fire-safety features including an automatic fire-suppression system. If a battery in the safe starts to overheat, the special fire-suppression system is immediately activated and packs the battery in a layer of cooling foam.

How the Batteryuard safe works in practice

Most important is that the safe doors always stay shut. This keeps any battery fire and toxic smoke inside the safe and prevents the fire spreading.

Batteryguard cabinets also have a warning system to make sure that the doors are kept closed. If the doors are left open for too long, an alarm goes off that doesn’t stop until you close them.

The Roompot battery safe offers the following benefits:

  • Space for 32 bicycle and 12 chopper batteries
  • Connection to a 400 volt high-voltage supply
  • Automatic fire-suppression system with cooling foam

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