Camalot high-end camera rental: the need for safe battery storage

Camalot rents out high-end digital cameras, which are used for films, television dramas, commercials and documentaries. They have a huge variety of batteries, which each have to be carefully charged in separate areas.

When at the start of 2022 Camalot heard about the devastating battery fire on a ship full of electric cars, which smouldered for a week, they were really worried. They realised that their own camera batteries were potentially dangerous and could go up in flames, with catastrophic consequences.

Are you looking for a way to store camera batteries safely?

If you are also worried about these risks and you are urgently looking for a safe storage solution for your camera batteries, our expert specialists will be happy to advise you.

Minor damage, major hazard: prevent burning and exploding batteries

These digital cameras are almost unique and can’t be replaced easily. With a battery fire, you don’t just run the risk of your premises being damaged by smoke and fire, but there is also a serious threat to your business continuity.

Camalot hires out cameras to lots of different clients and so it can’t know how they treat them. If a camera gets knocked badly or dropped, the battery can sustain internal damage and even the slightest damage can lead to a battery catching fire or even exploding if the fire spreads.

Insurance pressure leads to action: Camalot selects Batteryguard safe

Because of the large numbers of lithium-ion batteries that Camalot stores, its insurance company insisted that it took measures, which is how Camalot arrived at the Batteryguard safe.

Pilotproject with Batteryguard at Camalot

Camalot decided to start a pilot project with three Batteryguard safes, the safes with the highest fire-resistance and the most extensive functionality. The batteries that have to be charged are connected to the chargers in the battery safe. As soon as the batteries are fully charged, they are placed next to the safe on a shelf (in the same room).

Battery fire risk: damage is often unseen

The risk of a lithium-ion battery catching fire is greatest when it is being charged up. Just a tiny amount of damage or a small production defect can lead to a chain reaction and the battery spontaneously combusting, which, in the worst scenario, can even lead to it exploding. The problem is, is that you usually can’t tell from the outside whether a battery has been damaged.

Camalot chooses Batteryguard XL with fire-suppression system

With the Batteryguard XL, Camalot has chosen a practical and safe solution for storing and charging their camera batteries. The model has 16 sockets as well as the automatic fire-suppression system that activates if a battery overheats while it is being charged. And if a battery does catch fire, it is immediately cooled down so that it cannot explode.

Benefits of the Batteryguard safe

  • Automatic fire-suppression system stops any batteries catching fire
  • Contains any fire within the safe
  • Limits the risk of the safe being blown apart if there is an explosion
  • Prevents smoke and other damage to the rest of the premises

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