Bicycle repairer stores batteries safely in lithium-ion battery safe

A dealer’s workshop used to be full of ‘ordinary’ bicycles, but now, most of the bikes are electric. The repairers have to repair and maintain more and more e-bikes.

Charging e-bike batteries: safety is primary with the lithium-ion battery safe

All those bicycle batteries have to be charged up. Thijs Hendriks used to do that on a bench, where they were left to charge up overnight.

However, a battery can become extremely hot while it is charging and burst into flames and even explode. It prompted them to find a reliable solution and that was the Batteryguard cabinet.

Do you work with bicycles and are you looking for a way to charge up your batteries safely?

Pressure from insurance companies

Insurers are having to pay out increasing amounts for claims for damage caused by lithium-ion batteries. Because Thijs Hendriks had lots of these batteries charging on a work bench, its insurers insisted that they be kept in a special fire-resistant safe, mainly because there are still no rules about how bicycle batteries should be charged safely.

Safety for personnel and family

You hear more often about bicycle batteries spontaneously bursting into flames while they are being charged, causing enormous amounts of damage. Rob Hendriks was worried that something like that could happen in his workplace.

Rob Hendriks, owner of Bike Totaal Thijs Hendriks

“I live above the shop with my family. That’s the important reason why we now have a battery safe.”

Battery fire with huge consequences

The battery is the most vulnerable part of an electric bicycle. If the bike falls over, the battery can get damaged internally. If you then connect the battery to a charger, it can spontaneously combust and even explode. These are fierce fires where toxic substances are released and local residents have to be evacuated.

If you put your bicycle batteries in a Batteryguard safe, you keep any potential battery fire or explosion inside it.

Benefits of the Batteryguard safe

  • The battery safe has been proven to be safe; it keeps any fire or explosion inside itself.
  • No damage to workplace or upstairs apartment
  • Automatic fire-suppression system makes sure that the battery is soon cool
  • Doors close automatically if they are left open too long

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